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End of Life Care

When it is time to make that difficult end of life decision for your family and

pet - we would like to do everything we can to make it as smooth, heartfelt, and pain-free as possible.

Whether you are here to gather information because your pet is aging or critically ill, or you need to make that decision ASAP, we hope this can answer as many questions for you as possible. The doctor performs the euthanasia in an exam room and we entrust Trusted Journey to take care of your beloved pets remains. 


  • What can be done now?

    • You can visit the Trusted Journey website to view the personalized options they offer for your pet's remains or memory (link below)

    • You can pre-fill out the cremation form- so that you can have more time to choose your wishes for your pet's ashes.

      • You have the option to elect "group cremation" or "individual cremation"

        • Group cremation - Communal pet cremation where there are multiple pets remains that are cremated together and the ashes are respectfully placed in an exclusive pet cemetery surrounded by remembrance gardens. Paw prints, locks of hair, memorials all available. 

        • Individual cremation - Your pet's remains are cremated individually so they can be returned to you. There are a variety of urn and memorialization options available for your pets ashes to best remember them. You can rest assured that the ashes returned are 100% your beloved pet as they are uniquely tagged and identified the entire time. 

        • If you need any help filling out the forms feel free to call us. Otherwise we can help you on the day of the euthanasia appointment.

    • If you would like to know pricing or need more information please contact us

    • Visit websites that are made to help both adults and kids cope with the grief of losing a pet family member.

    • Call and set an appointment with our receptionist to have the humane euthanasia performed. 

  • What to expect on the day of the appointment?

    • Depending on the size/mobility of your pet, you can either park in the main front lot and come check-in with the front desk. Here they will take your pre-filled cremation form or help you fill one out, as well as have you sign a consent to euthanize form (legally allows the Doctor to perform the injection).

    • Please park at the side door between us and Petware house.

    • You can bring your pet inside with you to check in, or you or a loved one can wait out in the car and wait to be brought back to an exam room.

      • We always attempt to get you into a room ASAP out of respect, even if you arrive early or late. 

    • Once you are in the room, a receptionist, assistant, or registered technician will help you get the pet comfortable, whether that is on the table, a blanket on the floor, or in your arms (if possible).

    • We give all pets an injectable anesthetic medication to help them relax and fell no pain prior to the euthanasia injection. This injection is given in the hip/back leg muscle. It usually takes 1-5 minutes to kick in.                           

      • Once active, your pet will be relaxed and fell no pain. 

      • In rare cases, the medicine will seem to not even affect your pet, and an additional injection will be given.​​

    • IT IS YOUR CHOICE - to decide how long or little you would like the stay in the room for the entire process. 

      • You will not be judged for any decision, whether that is saying good bye before any injections are given, after that first injection has kicked in, or waiting until after the final injection is given. 

    • The doctor will then come in and shave a small amount of fur where the injection will be given directly into a vein. 

      • The euthanasia solution is pink in color and is pain-less. It is a very potent/concentrated anesthetic that more or less tells the heart and mind to stop working. Your pet will already be relax and fell no pain. 

      • It most commonly takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes for the doctor to declare end of life. 

      • In rare cases, your pets veins may be very weak or leaky and additional veins may be accessed for injection. 

    • Once it has been declared the doctor and assistant/technician will leave the room and allow you final moments for your good byes.

    • When you have said your good byes, you can crack open the doctor side door to let us know you are finished, and then you can leave via the door of your choice. 

  • What happens next?

    • If you elected to have your pets ashes returned or have memorialization's made, it on average takes 2 weeks to receive those back at our office, at which time we will contact you. 

    • Our assistants/technicians will make a complimentary ink pawprint of your pet's paw to be sent to you at a later date. 

      • If you wish NOT to receive this please let us know. 

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