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Payment Options

Our Doctors care about you and your pets!

We always want is best for your family and pets.  As with any family member there can be unexpected illness, injury, or just yearly cost associated to wellness.  Payment is expected at the time of service and any exceptions must be cleared through management prior to the appointment.  We never want costs to interfere with good medicine.  Planning ahead can be critical.  Below are options that may be a good fit for your family.  


This is a Medical, Dental, or Veterinary credit card that requires application, link above.  Any use of more than$200 in our practice gives you 6 months interest free if monthly payment is met and paid in full in 6 months.  It can also be used for any Dental or Medical fees not covered by insurance.  


Instant approval with Simple, friendly payment plans with no surprises.
Finding your plan won’t affect your credit score if not approved.

Online payments

You can make regular deposits to your family account or prepay for medicine, supplies, or prescription food pick ups.

We know how difficult it can be when you have an unexpected expense with a furry family member. 

There are multiple ways to pre-plan:

  1. Tax check, put a portion on your family account and it is there if needed or ready for your yearly wellness check.

  2. We have a program that allows you to make a plan that takes a set  amount on a day convenient to you. Example plans might be: payday, once a month, bi-monthly, or weekly.  This takes the stress out of planning and may be a good fit for your family.

  3. Use your Zoetis rewards card to be used to prepay on your next vet appointment or visit.  It can be used for anything in our practice.

Any other financial question(s) need to be directed to management. 

Reception or phone staff are not the correct avenue to pursue financial assistance.

Prearrangements must be made through office management.

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